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Meet Daniel Caballero


Daniel Caballero was born in Caracas, Venezuela on September 29, 1973. He is a Venezuelan lawyer specialized in constitutional and administrative law. He is also one of the Directors of All In Group, a Venezuelan company for publicity products importation and recently Venezuelan ecotourism/fishing trips. His interest on piranha began in a fishing trip to Calabozo, Los Llanos regiˇn, Estado Apure, Venezuela in 1986. He was only 13 years old when he caught his first piranha (a small Pygocentrus cariba).


Later he became more interested in piranhas and start learning from old publishing about "caribes" at the "Universidad Central de Venezuela" library.


He has been collecting piranhas and other fish species since 1989 and his current collection includes: Pygocentrus cariba, Serrasalmus irritans, Serrasalmus rhombeus, Serrasalmus eigenmanni, Serrasalmus elongatus, Serrasalmus manueli, Serrasalmus medinai, Serrasalmus neveriensis, Pristobrycon maculipinnis, Pristobrycon striolatus, Pygopristis denticulata and Catoprion mento (not a piranha species).


Daniel is also a Staff Member on, a hobbyist discussion forum on these species and other Venezuelan freshwater fish discussion forums.


He is in permanent contact with Dr. Antonio Machado-Allison, a reputable Venezuelan piranha expert, and with some Venezuelan fish collectors and exporters, discussing these fish species.





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