Gill Curl Operation of Serrasalmus rhombeus

 Operation performed by A.C van Stralendorff





From Frank Magallanes


Anytime you handle a piranha, particularly in an operation performed like this one, always keep safety of the fish and you in mind.


1. Keep your hands and digits away from the piranha mouth at all times. It only takes an instant for a sedated fish to recover quickly and clip a piece of flesh or digit off you. If at all possible, secure the fishes head with a wet cloth and have it pinned down. Or get an extra pair of hands to help. This prevents fish from raising head up and potentially biting you.


2. Wear rubber surgical gloves; this prevents any open cuts on you to be infiltrated by pathogens that might be harmful from the fish. Wearing surgical gloves also prevents oils from your body to contaminate the fish.


3. Keep the towels wet at all times. Keep a turkey baster handy to keep water flowing over the fishes body and to prevent the gills from becoming dry.


4. Try to perform the operation in as little time as possible, under 5 minutes is ideal for this type of procedure.


5. After operation, with a q-tip swab the cut with liquid antibiotic to help prevent infection of the treated area.


Preparation used


A. C. van Stralendorff; I used 1.5ml clove oil mixed with 15ml alcohol [96%] on 2.5 gallon bucket of water, sterilized my scissors, within 30sec piranha  was partially sedated for recovery reasons.


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