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Serrasalmo nigricauda

Burmeister, 1861 (Vol. 2: 536)









From Frank Magallanes

Personally, I think the fish anal fin was damaged. I think Burmeister misinterpreted what he caught. Its not uncommon for damaged anal fin (from being repeatedly bit off) to grow back with little to no pigment.


Photo (TOP Left)  example only of S. nigricauda. S. marginatus modified to fit description




On some overlooked taxa of freshwater fishes described from Argentina by Hermann Burmeister in 1861 Stefan Koerber1 & Thomas Litz2 1 Friesenstr. 11, 45476 Muelheim, Germany, pecescriollos@koerber-germany.de ² Friedhofstr. 8, 88448 Attenweiler, Germany, tclitz@aol.com Ichthyological Contributions of Peces Criollos 7: 1-15 (2008)




Serrasalmo nigricauda Burmeister, 1861 (vol. 2: 536)


In Río Paraná bei Rosario. - Größe, Ansehen und Zeichnung ganz wie Serras marginatus  Val. D’Orb. Voy. Am. Mer. V. 2. 10. pl. 10. f. 1, aber die Analflosse einfarbig, ohne rothen und schwarzen Rand; wohl aber hat die Schwanzflosse am Anfange eine breite schwarze Binde. Daher wohl eigne Art, welche ich Serrasalmus nigricauda nennen möchte.


ENGLISH: Size, aspect and colour pattern all as Serras. marginatus Val. D'Orb. Voy. Am. Mer. V. 2.10. pl. 10. f. 1, but anal fin unicoloured, without red or black margin, but at anal-fin origin with broad black band. Therefore supposed to be a separate species, that I would like to name Serrasalmus nigricauda


Del Río Paraná, cerca de Rosario. - Tamaño, aspecto y dibujo todo como en Serras, marginatus Val. D’Orb. Voy. Am. Mer. V. 2. 10. pl. 10. f. 1, pero la aleta anal unicolor, sin borde rojo y negro; sí la aleta caudal dispone de una banda negra en su comienzo. Por esto pues la considero una especie propia, la cual me gustaría nombrar Serrasalmus nigricauda.









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