Table of Water Chemistry Measurements 

~South America~


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Collecting Site-water type

pH range



Rio Amazonas-white water 6.9 80 ppm 29C/84F
Rio Apayacu-white water 6.4 20 ppm 30C/86F
Rio Orosa-white water 6.5-6.7 60-110 ppm 30C/86F
Rio Maniti-white water No data No data 29C/84F
Quebrada Yanayacu-black water 6.4 20 ppm 27C/80F
Rio Ampiyacu-white water 6.4 20 ppm 29C/84F
Rio Napo 6.7-7.3 80-120 ppm 27C/81F
Rio Nanay 6.6-7.0 20 ppm 25C/78F
Rio Itaya-white water 6.0-7.0 no data 23-27C/73-81F
Quebrada Tuche Cao 6.5 60 ppm no data
Quebrada Yanashi 6.5 70 ppm no data
Rio Aguas yacu-white water no data no data 28C/82F
Cocha at Oro Blanco 6.5 120 ppm no data
Avaha Cocha at Oro Blanco 6.5 120 ppm no data
Paiva Chica Cocha 5.8 50 ppm no data
Lata Cocha 5.5 20 ppm no data
Urcu Cocha 5.5 1-2 ppm no data
Paiva Cocha no data 3 ppm no data
Rio Xingu 6.7 6.9 no data 23-28C/73-82F
Rio Araguia 5.8-7.5 (6.5) 4-20 (8) 22-28C/72-82F
Rio Negro 4.5-7 (6.0) 2-8 dH (6) 24-28C/75-82F
Orinoco river 4.5-7 (6.0) 2-8 dH (6) 24-28C/ 75-82F
Rio Cuiaba no data no data 23.6-28.9C/74 -84F

*Rio Paraguay/Rio Paraa;  

Paraguay and Argentina

 6.5-7.5 (7.0) 4-14 dH (8) 21-25C/70-77F


*rio Paraguay piranhas can sometimes tolerate water temperatures as low as 59F (15C), It's recommended not to keep your piranhas in these lower temperatures. Die off does occur in those lower ranges.


Bolivia water values for piranha; 72-79 F, KH 0-10, pH 6.5-7.5. Surface temperature (Air) can vary from 50F-84F. Historically, water temperature in rivers normally is about 59F, but during die off's can drop to 39F (lowest record recorded was 36.5F in 1955).






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