Dedicated to all the U.S. Military Services who served honorably.

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

Dedicated to all Veterans

The Living Memorial Sculpture Garden is located on Hwy 97, one mile north of A12 (west side) in Siskiyou County, California.

Photos by Frank Magallanes and Carla Fisher
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173rd Airborne  Brigade (Separate) LZ English, Republic of Vietnam.173rd Support Battalion Unit CrestVietnam Combat Jump Status Badge.  Authority American War Library.

Airborne Glider Patch.


Frank Magallanes served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade (1970-1971) Republic of Vietnam. This page is dedicated to all those brave men & women who served, lost their lives for freedom. And for all those that still survive

173rd Support Battalion Trim with my original blood wings. Frank Magallanes 1970-1971 RVN.


To one of my best friend in high school and fellow sky soldier, may you rest in peace in God's hands.


About The Sculptures

Dennis Smith, Artist LMSG:

Each sculptures has personal meaning for me in terms of life experience and personal incidents. Everyone who has experienced war seems to have a place in their collective heart which is malfunctioning. Maybe what we should do is find that place in the heart and have it surgically removed. Through the arts we have the means to peacefully consider violence and to ask questions as well as offer possible solutions.

I don't think the purpose of art is to entertain, but to uplift, edify, and educate. After seeing "Bill" and Ted's Excellent Adventure," I believe the fate of the world might ultimately have to do with what happens in our history classes. Maybe our world leaders should start asking the young people what sort of world they want.

Here is some background information concerning the art in the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden


I stood beside the road at KHE SANH as the BRU Tribesmen were herded through the base and onto route nine to fend for themselves. Our leaders had promised them protection; They were our allies and we let them down. A large pecent of these people-- men, women, children, the old, and the very young-- never made it past the N.V.A. I was also thinking of the Kurdish people during the Gulf War, and the treatment of the native American in "The Long Walk" or "Trail of Tears."

"The Refugees" is about all people down through time who have been displaced, driven from one place to another, for whatever reason. This type of thing happens a lot. It is one of the side effects of war.




After all the deeds are done and the soldier goes back home, sits alone in front of a warm fire on a cold night having time to think his own thoughts, he may ask himself a few questions. "Why me?" "Why not me?" "why him and not me?" "Why war?" "why not war?" The WHY questions are endless.

Photo by Carla Fisher


Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher


Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher

Frank standing next to POW cage. It brought a lot of emotion to all us.

This statue is for all those who have been wrongfully locked up. Imagine confinement, mosquitoes, leeches, rats, rotten rice, rotten fish, abusive guards, and little chance of survival. Hope is reaching for the will to "Hang On!"



Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher


For me a flute symbolizes peace and tranquility. The female figures are in attitudes which show the freedom that peace can bring. The reclining figure is my way of saying, "Relax, but remain vigilant."



Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher

Who can repay those who have lost loved ones in combat? What on this earth can compensate for the loss of life? The American Flag symbolized many things-- none more poignantly than this final gesture.




There must be those who, loving peace, will fight against aggression to preserve that peace. There is no contradiction in this. As long as such warriors are needed "The Peaceful Warrior" honors those who step forward when asked to do so.




While Vietnam Memorials were popping up like mushrooms in the mountains after an August thunderstorm, who remembered the Korean Vets? We did.


This one's for you, my spiritual UNCLES-SEMPER FI!

Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher



God love them.....They saved a lot of lives!

Photo by Carla Fisher

Photo by Carla Fisher



There are some things about which one should either say a great deal, or nothing at all. "Coming Home" is very special to me, and I can speak a great deal about it. It is not uncommon for Veterans to feel a lot of emotional pain upon returning home. In this regard I am no different from any other retired warrior. I feel more fortunate than most because sculpture is a positive way for me to deal with this pain. Being a part of the LMSG gave me an opportunity to speak in a good way. I feel as if this expression is a giant leap forward in the process of "repairing my soul."

Photo by Carla Fisher


Design by J.D. Leach/Sculpture by Dennis Smith

I could no bring myself to walk up to the wall. Too emotional for me.

To access the list of names go to the official LMSG link by clicking here.



This sculpture was brought to life by the dreams of Jim Leach and the gifted hands of Dennis Smith. The "Hot LZ Memorial Wall" figures take on different personal meaning for each individual touched by war. As a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War Jim Leach will always remember the "Hot LZ's." The "Memorial Wall" is graced by "HOT LZ" and one of our best pilots, Ace Cozalio. It is a place for remembering the 2,188 helicopter pilots who died in Vietnam. They will never be forgotten. All veterans will be honored to have their name placed on this wall. Please contact: LMSG, P.O. Box 301, Weed, CA 96094 or call (530) 938-2218 or (530)  842-2477 for further information. 



The Living Memorial Sculpture Garden is located on Hwy 97, one mile north of A12 (west side) in Siskiyou County, California.



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LMSG, P.O. Box 301, Weed, CA 96094 or call (530) 938-2218 or (530)  842-2477



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Attach a short service history and a copy of DD214 (The Official Military Discharge Paper), if available. Include a check/money order for $100 and return to the address here: 


Please contact: LMSG, P.O. Box 301, Weed, CA 96094 or call (530) 938-2218 or (530)  842-2477 for information.


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