02/09/2011 -  Congratulations to Yener Alkay a member of www.piranhalar.com for successfully breeding Pygocentrus cariba.


03/27/2011 - UPDATE According to the Administrator of  www.piranhalar.com  the so-called cariba breeding above IS questionable and no further information has been forthcoming. Until the hobbyist/breeder produces strong proof, I must at this time remove links to that page.  My apologies to all who took this spawning operation as fact.


04/20/2011 - Congratulations to Steve Huskey, Jorge Porto and Guillermo Orti for the upcoming National Geographic special on mega-piranha (May 3, 2011).


09/29/11 - Effective October 1st 2011, OPEFE will only endorse hobbyist privately owned forums. We say farewell to piranha-fury which was OPEFE endorsed since 2002 and was recently purchased by a For Profit organization. Best of luck to you all.


09/28/ /2011 - OPEFE has updated information and is presently reviewing descriptions on certain species. Included will be spell check and other typographical errors. Please be patient while the changes continue.


06/19/2011 - Recently we had an issue with copyright violation from a UK hobbyist forum dealing with piranhas (not the sponsored site). The image violation was the one described above in "Photos".  Please people, if you are a true hobbyist and participating in piranha forums, don't be irresponsible and violate copyrighted images.  Ask permission first. Don't be a thief.


10/23/11 - My apologies to Piranha Mundo. They are from Spain not Mexico. Its been a long week!


10/22/11 - Those wanting piranha species identification can still direct inquiries to opefe@charter.net  or Piranha Keepers.com .


10/20/11 -  Added a new endorsed forum from Canada and Spain. Also updated Project Piaba information for those interested in this worthwhile South American project to buy  a fish, save a tree.


10/8/11  -  Continuing to make changes to OPEFE. Also staying on top of piranha questions at PiranhaKeepers.com,


10/4/11  -  Its come to my attention the corporate for profit owners of PFURY have removed my farewell from the site announcements. It was moved to the piranha forum where piranha questions are answered. By burying it there, few people would see it. On 10/22/11 The moderator (memento) locked up my farewell  and added some very incendiary  personal remarks about me to the public membership.


10/29/11 - Updated the Serrasalminae page with DNA information.


10/27/11 - Completed S. humeralis page.


10/31/11 - Gave piranha-fury moderator ksls permission to use OPEFE comments in their resurrected science forum. It came with conditions.


11/4/11 - Review of S. odyssei book nearly completed.


11/14/11 - Updated Serrasalmus list of species.


11/7/11 - Book review of S. odyssei completed and on line. VIEW



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