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  1. 10/02/12 - Serrasalmus elongatus corrected and revised. S. pinkge placed as synonym of S. elongatus per California Academy of Sciences (CAS).

  2. 09/27/12 - Open email From Michel Jegu to Lucien Bal: Dear Lucien
    ......... I just browse your web page dedicated to piranhas (LINK NOT ALLOWED) on which I have seen many copies of text, translated text or extracts text, photos, drawings of mine without any credit or copyright. The confusion between text snippets and your own point of views is evident on every page reported to my works that I consulted.
    There are several terms to qualify this way of doing from indelicacy to large scale piracy. Anyway scientific productions answer to codes of ethics and publications in scientific journals to the rights and duties with respect to copyright.
    Would you please be so kind as to remove from your web site all photos, drawings, text extracts (or translation) copied from my publications.
    I inform you that I will contact the telfort.nl regulation team and the reviews from where these documents are extracted so that the reviews staff take appropriate measures.
    Best wishes

  3. 07/17/12 -Serrasalmus elongatus confusion

    For those that you who also visit pfury  and pkeepers Lucien Bal recently posted two photos; one known to be S. elongatus and the other a very questionable species also being called S. elongatus. Lucien intimated that Dr. Antonio Machado-Allison did the positive ID on the the second fish. With that Lucien posted the photos on at least two forums to my knowledge. There may be more. In my email conversation to Antonio, it was discovered Antonio had downloaded the lucien photo and it was stretched and corrupt. This gave the scientist the wrong impression on what the fish was. Instead of researching the fish ID better Lucien ran with it to the forums causing arguments with members and including a few unnecessary digs at me in the process. I didn't participate in the discussion until much later. I preferred to stay out of it until I noted that Antonio's name was being tossed around too much by Lucien. Further, Lucien also brought in Heiko Bleher as an authority on piranhas, using the magazine article published this year to open the flood gates of old discredited work by Gery pertaining to subgeneric ranking placements. Including Heiko opinion stating there are actually one distinctive species of S. elongatus and one distinctive species of S. pingke. Both under present science have been made synonyms under the proper species S. elongatus.

    While this might not seem to be much to most hobbyists who are aware of current standings of species, as the owner of OPEFE and its science based information, it cause me worry that Lucien might continue this misinformation and lead a new generation of hobbyists down the slippery slope of bad science.

    In conclusion, Antonio Machado-Allison is a wonderful person who really tries to help people and hobbyists as much as possible. Its just sad that Lucien in his quest to further his agenda (whatever that is), had to use this nice man to that end. Let's hope we all learn from this.


  4. 03/15/2012 - Continuing research on Serrasalmus serrulatus and S. eigenmanni. Also been providing piranha keepers forum photos of microscopic images of tiny piranha teeth and jaws.

  5. 03/7/2012 - OPEFE is banned from a United Kingdom Forum (piranhaforum.uk). Administrator, didn't like the idea that he could not use OPEFE material without permission. He considered OPEFE "forum" property as his. Also personal attacks from Lucien Bal, aka memento/Combi Christ continued unabated (from October 4, 2011) at that forum and piranha-fury (USA). Screen shots were kept as backup evidence on OPEFE server. Lucien Bal has a personal science web site that tries to dispute OPEFE evidence. Lucien Bal has only kept piranhas as pets for 2 years (proof on file) and became interested in science after visiting and learning from OPEFE in 2009.

  6. 3/1/2010 - The species name "cariba" has been reassigned back to Pygocentrus.

  7. 01/05/2012 - Piranha Forum UK became the first piranha forum to ever ban my presence. Wish them luck.

  8. 01/04/2012 - Removal of Piranha Forum UK from OPEFE endorsement. Administrators allowed non-factual remarks about me and OPEFE to go unchallenged by a member there. I submitted factual comments attributed to this member. The post was removed.

  9. 12/12/11 - Updated status of S. cariba. No longer a Pygocentrus. VIEW

  10. 12/12/2011 - Jeramy Magallanes, my son has been added as an OPEFE associate member.

  11. 12/7/2011 - Human attacked and killed by piranha bite in Bolivia added to genus Pygocentrus. VIEW

  12. 12/7/2011 - Completed OPEFE Research pages, added new material and pages linked.

  13. 12/6/2011 - Adjusting home page and research page.

  14. 11/23/2011 - Working on Other Predatory Fishes revisions.

  15. 11/19/2011 - Portland, Oregon  wholesale tropical fish dealer looking for juvenile baby red-bellied piranha source. Contact opefe@charter.com if you run a breeding operation in Oregon

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